The H.M.O. is a building that was released on September 17, 2015, along with the Level 58 content update as part of the Friend Points Prizes. Players are awarded with this item upon completing Friendship level 18.

About[edit | edit source]

The Hibbert Moneymaking Organization is a new "HMO" opened by Julius Hibbert.

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Jobs Involved[edit | edit source]

Regular Jobs

Dr. Hibbert

  • Find Pre-Existing Conditions - 3h

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

H.M.O.[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon.png Helping people through my H.M.O. is a reward unto itself.
Dr. Hibbert Happy Icon.png Then again, so is the obscene amount of cash I'm making from it. A-hyeh-hyeh-yeh-yeh!

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