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Gremlin (character)

Gremlins are an additional feature only available during the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. They can be released into your friends town for squishing! Gremlins can be obtained by tapping ghosts. A relativley large percentage of ghosts will give you Gremlins. To release Gremlins into other Springfields, you need to tap the gremlin icon on the top-right of the screen when you are visiting a neighbour's town. The number on this icon indicates how many you can release (not neccessarily how many Gremlins you have).

Purchasing Gremlins

You can purchase a Gremlin Trio (three gremlins) for 2 donuts and a Gaggle of Gremlins (twenty gremlins) for 10 donuts.
Gremlin GOO


  • A player can only have 10 released gremlins running around their own town.
  • When you release gremlins into a friends town it will collect GOO for you until that player taps him away. You will be notified if your gremlins collect GOO from other Springfields.
  • Squishing a Gremlin in your own Springfield will reward you with 2 GOO.
  • The gremlin, if not caught within 4 hours, will return automatically after 4 hours have passed since the player released them.
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