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Quest Requirements Time Reward
Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 1 Make Homer Make Out With the Fire Rooster Cash100
Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 2 Have Homer Buy Gifts for the Fire Rooster Cash100
Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 3 Make Homer Worship the Fire Rooster
Make Bart Sell Tickets for the Embarrassing Display
Make Quimby Plot


Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Confused Icon.png What the hell is this? Some kind of fire rooster?
Lisa Nagging Icon.png No Dad, it's a… yes, it's a fire rooste
Homer Happy Icon.png And if I kiss it, I'll get good luck!
Lisa Worried Icon.png No, you don't know where it's been…
Lisa Eyeroll Icon.png Oh fine, smooch the chicken.

Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Silhouette Icon.png Homer! You must bring me an offering. Otherwise, I will turn all the eggs in your fridge to broccoli.
Homer Surprised Icon.png Healthy, no-cholesterol broccoli? Nooo!!
Homer Icon.png What must I bring you, O Mighty Chicken?
Milhouse Silhouette Icon.png Canned goods. Used clothing. Old smartphones. Anything is good.
Homer Proud Icon.png It shall be done, Great Drumstick!

Great Coqs of Fire Pt. 3[]


Character Dialogue
Lisa Curious Icon.png Dad says the Fire Rooster told him to bring gifts of canned goods and clothing.
Bart Curious Icon.png Hey, there's a little door in the back. There's someone inside!
Lisa Shocked Icon.png Milhouse?! What are you doing in there?
Milhouse Sad Icon.png My dad told me this way we might get some better stuff than they hand out at the church charity drive.
Bart Icon.png Look, it's that tourist again. Hey buddy, you can't take pictures of my dad making a fool of himself...
Bart Sneaky Icon.png ...unless you pay me.


Character Dialogue
Bart Laughing Icon.png Heh, heh. Sucker paid me to watch my Dad behave like an idiot.
Bart Sneaky Icon.png He could get that for free at Moe's every night...
System message Here're your Pins. Good luck finding a use for them!
Bart Confused Icon.png Wait, pins? What the hell am I going to do with these?