Gold(Gold Indicator) was a limited time currency used to earn prizes during the Clash of Clones 2014 Event. The Player could earn Gold by defending buildings in their town from attacks from other players. Gold could also be used to upgrade characters. These upgrades did not lower the amount of gold that the player had. Gold is one of two currencies used during the event, the other being Elixir.

Prizes Edit

The following is a list of prizes the player could unlock after accumulating a certain amount of Gold.

Prize Amount to Earn
Barbarian Homer
Homer Barbarian
Gold Indicator200
Castle Recycle
Archer Lisa
Gold Indicator400
Cheaters 20 Pack Gold Indicator800
Boxingham Palace
Goblin Bart
Gold Indicator1400
Wizard Marge Gold Indicator5000
Elixir Bundle Gold Indicator9500
Hot Air Balloon Gold Indicator15000
Castle Tower
Recycled Tower
Cardboard Tower
Gold Indicator22000
Catapult Gold Indicator30000
Barbarian Statue
Medieval Banner
Gold Indicator38000

Attacking/Defending Edit

During this event, players could attack other towns to earn Elixir and Gold. This was done by sending Nerds to attack houses or castles.

Attacking a... Result Reward
Random Town
Castle Win Elixir140
Gold Indicator50
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir70
Gold Indicator25
Lose Elixir2
Gold Indicator1
Friend's Town
Castle Win Elixir25
Gold Indicator10
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir18
Gold Indicator8
Lose Elixir5
Gold Indicator1
Defending a... Result Reward
Castle/House Win Elixir20
Gold Indicator10
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator5
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