Girl Next Cell Over is the main questline for the Level 59 content update that was released on November 10, 2015.

To start the quest, the player have to complete Old Gray Marriage Pt. 7 and have reached Level 58 or have reached Level 59 and completed Old Gray Marriage Pt. 1.

Upon completion of the Prison Bus, Gina Vendetti is unlocked.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 1 Make Quimby Make Budget Cuts
Place Prison Bus
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 2 Make Gina Cut up Martha’s Bikinis
Make Quimby Praise Gina for Her Public Service
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 3 Make Gina Move in With the Simpsons
Make Bart Protest on Deaf Ears
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 4 Make Gina Hold Hands With Bart 30m Cash100
Gina Vendetti
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 5 Make Bart Commit to Starting Anew With Gina
Make Marvin Monroe Bill for Weekly Follow-up Sessions
Marvin Monroe
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 6 Make Lisa Keep a Cautious Eye on Gina
Make Bart Reminisce About His Head Massage
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 7 Make Bullies Drive for Gööber (x4) 2h Cash100
Gina Vendetti
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 8 Make Bart Kiss Gina Goodbye
Make Gina Pick Bart’s Pocket While Kissing Him
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 9 Make Marge Report the Robbery to the Police
Make Eddie Use the Robbery Report as a Napkin
Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 10 Make Gina Book Herself at the Police Station 6h Cash100

Dialogue Edit

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Smug Icon "Off to make Springfield a better place. Er-uh, better for me at least."
Mrs. Quimby Icon "Whoa, you kissed me goodbye? Someone’s in a good mood."
Quimby Icon "It’s Monday. That means poker night with the boys and without the wives is just five days away!"
Mrs. Quimby Annoyed Icon "Joe, did you forget? This weekend’s the Annual Weekend-Long Husband-Wife Ballroom Dancing Marathon for Charity!"
Quimby Proud Icon "Sorry, we had to cancel that due to budget constraints."
Mrs. Quimby Annoyed Icon "But it’s my favorite event! Isn’t there anything else you can cut? Like one of the weekly Miss Springfield swimsuit contests?"
Quimby Embarrassed Icon "I made a campaign promise to have those! A promise to myself, but a promise nonetheless."
Mrs. Quimby Icon "Fine, if you insist on cutting the dance marathon, I’m insisting on entering the bikini contests."
Quimby Angry Icon "It appears Springfield is approaching the financial cliff! Get me Bernanke or someone with an easier name to pronounce! We gotta make some cuts!"

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "Presenting the new and lighter Springfield budget! Your dance marathon has been saved, along with the eyes of all Springfielders."
Mrs. Quimby Icon "So what’d you cut?"
Quimby Icon "Women’s prisons. Why should we all pay eight bucks a month to watch “Orange Is the New Black” when we can release women prisoners and watch them do stuff for free?"
Mrs. Quimby Surprised Icon "You released all the women prisoners? Isn’t that a risk?"
Quimby Proud Icon "Please, everyone knows women are non-violent."
Gina Vendetti Icon "Step aside. I need to make sure my switchblade still works after sitting in prison storage."
Mrs. Quimby Surprised Icon "She just sliced that 300-page budget in half like it was butter! I thought you said women were non-violent!"
Quimby Icon "Young lady, follow me upstairs to Martha’s room. There’s a stack of bikinis you can try out your knife on."

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Confused Icon "Gina? Is that you? I thought you were in prison."
Gina Vendetti Icon "The city let me out with no advance warning. So now I’m living on the streets."
Marge Angry Icon "I KNEW when they banned house farming that homelessness would become a problem."
Marge Icon "Well, you stay here ‘til you get on your feet."
Bart Sad Icon "Wait, don’t I get a say here?"
Homer Icon "Bart’s right, we should consider how this will affect him. Bart, I can’t remember, did things with you and Gina end badly?"
Bart Sad Icon "REALLY badly."
Homer Happy Icon "Well then she can stay!"

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Why the long face, Bart? Most guys would jump at the chance to be with their ex again."
Bart Icon "Sure... after a few drinks and with a tacit understanding that after the night’s over they’ll never contact each other again."

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Gina Vendetti Annoyed Icon "Why do you keep avoiding me?"
Bart Annoyed Icon "Oh please, I’m not avoiding you."
Gina Vendetti Annoyed Icon "I haven’t seen you in three days...and I live in the same room as you."
Bart Annoyed Icon "Maybe being surrounded by so much bright orange dulled the sensitivity of your eyes to normal colors."
Gina Vendetti Icon "Bart look, there’s no need to have your guard up. I’m not going to try to get back together with you."
Bart Icon "Good. Because it’s taken me eight months of skipping therapy appointments to get over our relationship."
Bart Icon "I just can’t be with a girl who’s so erratic and unpredictable."
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Ooooo, it’s so sexy when you question my mental stability."

Jobs Started Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Surprised Icon "See, that’s just what I’m talking about! You say one thing, then you do another!"
Gina Vendetti Icon "You’re just pushing me away because you’re afraid of commitment."
Gina Vendetti Icon "But I’m not giving up on us, so I’ve made an appointment with a relationship therapist. You down?"
Bart Laughing Icon "Noooo way."
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "It’s during school hours so you can get out of class..."
Bart Sad Icon "Dammit! You know me too well!"

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Marvin Monroe Icon "Bart, maybe rather than trying to avoid Gina, you should tell her openly and honestly how you feel."
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "I’m a guy, remember? So that’s biologically impossible."
Marvin Monroe Icon "And Gina, maybe you should try not threatening Bart with a shiv when you have a disagreement."
Gina Vendetti Icon "Okay fine, I’ll use my sharpened plastic spoon from the joint. It can only seriously maim, not kill."
Marvin Monroe Happy Icon "Now can you two commit to each other that you’ll start your relationship anew and stick to these rules for a week?"
Bart Icon "If you prescribe us some of that stuff you’re not supposed to use while operating heavy machinery, I’ll consider it."

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 6 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Nagging Icon "What? After all your complaining you got back together with her?"
Bart Icon "Well not completely. We just changed our Springface relationship status to “kind of back together, maybe.”"
Lisa Nagging Icon "Do you think Gina might be using you? And us?"
Bart Icon "Oh I know she’s using us. That’s what she does."
Lisa Curious Icon "Then why aren’t you doing anything about it?"
Bart Sad Icon "Because the only other action I’ve gotten in the past year is a head massage from the barber when he was shampooing my hair."

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 7 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "My new Gööber ridesharing service for bullies will be the biggest revolution in bullying since the invention of the wet willie!"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "You’ll be able to shakedown Springfield Elementary for lunch money, and still make it crosstown to loot the lunchers at Springfield High."
Dolph Surprised Icon "The mythical Double Luncher? The fantasy becomes reality."
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "I just need drivers to make this happen. You jerks in?"
Nelson Icon "But don’t we need a car?"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "I’ll grab the Simpsons’ pink sedan when they’re asleep."
Jimbo Icon "But don’t we need drivers’ licenses?"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Got two right here. Which one of you wants to be “Homer” and which wants to be “Marge?”"

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Kearney Icon "You forgot something: we need cash for gas."
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Of course I didn’t forget, you amateur. We’ll have cash once I sell these lovely items."
Dolph Icon "Lisa’s sax and Bart’s copy of Radioactive Man #1?"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Already posted on eBay. And don’t forget about the extra 79 cents I got from selling Maggie’s pacifier on Craigslist!"

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 8 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Surprised Icon "You’re breaking up with me and moving out? But we just got back together!"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Sorry dude, but I got an exciting new work opportunity. It was the relationship or the job. And splitting a stolen Squishee with you isn’t gonna pay the bills."
Bart Icon "You got a job? Doing what?"
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "It’s in the transportation field."
Bart Confused Icon "What qualifications do you have for that?"
Gina Vendetti Icon "Eight months making freeway signs and license plates."
Bart Icon "Then I guess this is goodbye... until I get over you and you suddenly appear again to drive me crazy."
Gina Vendetti Happy Icon "Until level 97, my love."

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 9 Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Annoyed Icon "Homer, did you get drunk at Moe’s last night and leave the car there?"
Homer Annoyed Icon "Marge, I don’t get drunk every night at Moe’s! I was right here on the couch. Getting drunk."
Marge Angry Icon "Then where’s the car?"
Lisa Shocked Icon "Probably with whoever stole my saxophone, and Bart’s Radioactive Man #1."
Marge Surprised Icon "We’ve been robbed! Who would do such a thing?"
Bart Rollingeyes Icon "Hmmmmm... maybe the convicted felon we allowed to live here?"

Girl Next Cell Over Pt. 10 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Wiggum Serious Icon "Gina Vendetti, you’re under arrest. Again."
Gina Vendetti Surprised Icon "I don’t get it. How did you guys solve it? You never solve anything!"
Wiggum Icon "We didn’t solve it, silly. An eight-year-old did."
Lisa Icon "I was getting suspicious of you, so I downloaded the SaxFinder app in case you ever stole my sax. It led the cops right to you!"
Lisa Annoyed Icon "Well, after I showed them how to read a map."
Wiggum Icon "Now Gina, you can handle getting yourself to the station without me, right? I’ve got a bikini contest to go judge."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "What a surprise. Gina Vendetti at a police station."
Gina Vendetti Icon "Let me guess -- you crashed another of Mommy’s BMWs and Daddy’s gonna bail you out?"
Jessica Lovejoy Icon "Yes on one, no on two. But they haven’t reopened the women’s prisons, so they’re giving us ankle monitors instead."
Gina Vendetti Annoyed Icon "Uh oh, I think I’m gonna need another ankle."
Jessica Lovejoy Happy Icon "OK, gotta run and help Mommy pick out a new BMW. Text me if you wanna do another meeting of the Bart’s Ex-Girlfriend Club. I’ve got some juicy stuff to tell you."
Sounds like Jessica has some important girl talk to share! Play through her story and find out what it is!
— In-Game Message

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