The Gingerbread House was the final prize in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event and was unlocked after collecting Goo Currency Icon10000. Suzanne the Witch is unlocked with this building.

Despite the fact that it was re-released as a premium item during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event, it earns at a non-premium rate. On October 3, 2017, during the Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event, it was re-released with 40 donuts rebate.

It returned on October 3, 2018 during the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event as a possible prize in the THOH Mystery Box.

Jobs Involved Edit

Suzanne the Witch

  • Invite Children in for Candy - 60m
  • Cast Wicked Spells - 12h
  • Brew a Potion - 12h

Suzanne the Witch

  • Be Tempted - 4h
  • Rest in her Gingerbread House with a Migraine - 8h

Bart Simpson

  • Be Tempting - 4h

Homer Simpson

  • Tempt the Witch with a Succulent Bart - 4h

Trivia Edit

  • This was the highest personal prize during the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event.
  • Despite being re-released as premium (for only a weekend), the building still earns at a non-premium rate ($300, 30XP) when it should earn at $500, 45XP (the income of Helter Shelter).

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