Ico xmas giftbags 12

Gift Bags (Gift) were introduced in the Christmas 2013 Event and are the similar to the Gremlins from the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. You can place Gift Bags in your friends towns and they help earn more Gift Cards. In order to place Gift Bags in your friends town they (and you) MUST have completed the first part of the Too Much of a Good Thing quest. You can tell if they have done this because in the neighbor's town screen they will have a counter telling you how many gift bags you can place in their town. You can only place 5 gift bags per day per town.

You can get more gift bags by opening presents in your own town or by buying them in the shop.  6 Gift Bags are 10 Donuts and 12 Gift Bags are 15 Donuts.

Gift Bags also contributed towards the community prizes in the prize system in the event. You can not sell or put into inventory gift bags.

Name Need to place
"Christmas" Totem Gift450 million
Santa's Workshop Gift625 million
Ebenezer Burns Gift800 million
The Yes Guy Gift975 million
Candy Cane Power Plant Gift1.2 billion


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