Furniture is a Currency for the Springfield Heights Expansion. It is earned by characters completing tasks at the Furniture Shøp, or by spending 50000 at the Googolplex to screen "The Chair Couch Project."

Furniture is used to buy decorations and buildings at the store to place in Springfield Heights. It is also used to upgrade buildings and to collect other currency, i.e. Smart Devices and Ads.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A total of eight characters can earn furniture, and the tasks they do to earn furniture are selected at the Shøp rather than from their individual job lists.
  • The characters are Homer Simpson,Ned Flanders, Mrs. Krabappel, Reverend Lovejoy, Luigi, Otto, Fat Tony, Princess Penelope.
  • Fat Tony and Princess Penelope's tasks are special eight-hour tasks and become avaialble once the Marketing Agency is unlocked.  For all other characters, the task length is thirty seconds.
  • As a premium character, Otto earns two Furniture for his thirty second job, rather than one.
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