Fur was a limited-time currency released on October 17, 2018, for the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event. It was the Event's Act 2 Personal Prize currency. When Act 2 ended on October 31, 2018, Fur was replaced by Wraps.

How to Obtain Edit

Fur could have been obtained in the following ways:

  • Digging at the Old Ruins could have earned basically 10 Fur per one dig (i. e. 350 Fur per one complete level of the dig site). Plus Curse Bonus and Flanders Family Tome Bonus.
  • Sending characters to Acquire Pickaxes jobs at the Holy Forge could have earned basically 120 Fur per one finished job.
  • Tapping Monster Minions in the player's Springfield could have earned 35 Fur per minion tapped.
    • Activating the Flanders Family Tome could have instantly collected all Monster Minions, but haven't changed earnings.
  • Tapping Monster Minions in friends' towns could have earned 35 Fur per minion tapped (only for first 10 towns / 30 minions per day).
    • Purchasing the Monster Hunter License would have doubled the amount of Fur a player could have earned via friend actions.
  • During the event, new challenges replaced the usual Daily Challenges. Player could have won 4000 Fur per day during Act 2.

Prizes Edit

Image Name Fur to Collect
Haunted Crossroads Menu Haunted Crossroads Fur Icon31000
Free Land Token Menu Free Land Token Fur Icon73000
Barking Good Butchery Menu Barking Good Butchery Fur Icon136000
Screaming Stitch & Hem Menu Screaming Stitch & Hem Fur Icon179000
1000 Incantation Bundle 1000 Incantation Bundle Fur Icon220000
She-Wolf Unlock She-Wolf Fur Icon287000

Gallery Edit

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