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Frontier Freebies is a side quest line involving the building Bank. It was released on April 19, 2016, during the Wild West 2016 Event.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Frontier Freebies Build the Bank
Make Homer Open Checking Account for Free Stuff



Character Dialogue
Homer Woohoo Icon.png Woo-hoo! There's a new bank in town!
Homer Happy Icon.png Another precious opportunity to open checking accounts and get free junk!
Marge Serious Icon.png Homer, are you saying we have MORE than one checking account?
Homer Icon.png Oh, dozens! How do you think I filled up our storage locker with junk with the names of banks on it?
Marge Sad Icon.png We have a storage locker, too?
Homer Icon.png Yup. But don't worry -- the stuff inside it was FREE.
Marge Sad Icon.png And how much are we paying for the locker?
Homer Serious Icon.png $200 a month. What's your point?

All Objectives Started[]

Character Dialogue
Homer Ooh Icon.png Let's see... I can get a pair of spurs, or a side of bacon, or a hangin' rope! Sweet!
Homer Icon.png And they all have the name of the bank on ‘em. Even the bacon. That's attention to detail.
Homer Happy Icon.png I'll take 'em all! Three accounts please.