Friend Points
(FP) are a type of Experience which were released for The Simpsons: Tapped Out on February 26, 2014. Players can acquire them by visiting their friends on Origin and performing actions. Collecting Friend Points is similar to how Hearts were earned during the Valentine's Day 2014 Event; the number of Friend Points that players earn decreases as they visit more Springfields. Prizes are awarded upon collecting certain amounts of Friend Points, where each prize earned represents a Friend Points level up. Once the player has reached the maximum level, points are no longer collected.

Earning Friend PointsEdit

Players can earn Friend Points for up to 300 actions per day. The number of Friend Points earned by a single action decreases after a specific number of total daily actions have been passed (see table below).  Players who complete all 300 actions in neighbors' towns a day can earn 810 Friend Points.

Players can also earn 1 Friend Points when neighbors visit their towns. Each time a neighbor collects from a building, the owner of that town gets 1 point.

Number of actions Friend Points received
1-30 Friendpoints10
31-60 Friendpoints5
61-90 Friendpoints4
91-120 Friendpoints2
121-300 Friendpoints1

List of Friendship levelsEdit

When certain amounts of Friend Points are earned, prizes are awarded to the player. A table of prizes can be found below. The prizes are listed by the name of the level at which they are unlocked at completion. For example, the Singing Sirloin is actually unlocked upon reaching level 3, but is listed as the reward for completing level 2.


FP needed for
next level

Prize Friend actions earn Release date
1 Friendpoints1000 Olmec Head Cash20 Initial release
2 Friendpoints2000 Singing Sirloin Cash22 Initial release
3 Friendpoints1500 Snowball II Cash24 Initial release
4 Friendpoints2000 Homer's Car Cash26 Initial release
5 Friendpoints5000 Stampy Cash28 Initial release
6 Friendpoints5000 E.A.R.L. Cash30 March 28, 2014
7 Friendpoints3000 Capital City Goofball Cash32 April 9, 2014
8 Friendpoints5000 Cool Lisa Cash34 May 15, 2014
9 Friendpoints4500 KBBL Radio Cash36 June 18, 2014
10 Friendpoints4000 Marge Tetherball Cash38 September 5, 2014
11 Friendpoints5000 Mr. Teeny Cash40 September 5, 2014
12 Friendpoints2500 Little Black Box Cash42 November 12, 2014
13 Friendpoints5000 Stewart Duck Cash44 November 12, 2014
14 Friendpoints3000 It Blows Cash46 March 4, 2015
15 Friendpoints5000 Canyonero Cash48 March 4, 2015
16 Friendpoints5000 Angel Fossil Cash50 July 15, 2015
17 Friendpoints2000 Bloodbath & Beyond Cash52 August 6, 2015
18 Friendpoints2000 H.M.O. Cash54 September 17, 2015
19 Friendpoints2500 Mulberry Island Cash56 September 17, 2015
20 N/A N/A Cash174
Donuts1 (0.5%)


The first time a player visits a friend the following dialogue occurs:

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon "M hoyvin! I see you've found my newest invention -- the "Frink Point"!"
"You'll get one every time you interact with something in other Springfields. With the tapping and the reading and the waiting too long for loading."
Homer Icon "What's in it for me?"
Professor Frink Icon "I'm glad you asked, my good man! Science has learned that interacting with our humans improves your quality of life, it may, in fact, extend your life."
Homer Icon "That's nice, but I'd really rather get some kind of imaginary prize or doodad for doing stuff."
Professor Frink Icon *sigh* "Doodads, always with the doodads."
In Game Message "You can now collect Friend Points from your friends and unlock new prizes!"
Professor Frink Icon "Actually, they're called FRINK points. F-R-I-N-K. Sometimes people mis-hear me 'cause of my Hoy-vin accent."
Homer Icon "Actually, "Friend Points" has a nice ring to it, let's call it that."
Professor Frink Icon "But I'm the inventor, and you're just some guy. So I think we both know who gets to name the points."
In Game Message "Collect Friend Points today!"

Trivia Edit

  • After reaching all the levels and winning all prizes, players have a small chance (0.5%) to receive donuts on every Friend Action.
  • I Choo-Choo-Choose You is a reoccurring task assigned by the game. It would require the player to add their first friends on Tapped Out.
  • To reach the current maximum (level 20), a player need 65000 Friend Points.


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