— Freedom's unlock message.

Freedom is a premium character released on March 5, 2014 during the Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much Promotional. Freedom is the third character to be released for the More Animals and Pets character collection. Freedom has no jobs and has an animation similar to that of The Raven's. When tapped, Freedom flies around in a circle and makes a screeching noise.

About[edit | edit source]

When Bart was being bullied by Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney, Freedom, swooped down and attacked them. Bart and Diggs both went out a lot to watch Freedom fly, feed him and watch him do tricks.

When Diggs was in hospital, Bart took care of Freedom at his house. Bart then took Freedom back to the Springfield Elementary Falconry Club where he met Diggs again who then entered Freedom into a falconry contest. At the contest, Diggs sprung all the other falcons out and they all went free, along with Freedom

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