The Free Land Token is a consumable that was first released during the Destination Springfield 2017 Event. They can be used to buy a single Land Expansion without spending in game cash or they can used to buy Land Expansions that require Free Land Tokens to unlock them.

How to Obtain Edit

Free Land Tokens can be obtained by unlocking them in events individually or with an item(s), non-premium event mystery boxes, completing 5 daily challenges then collecting them as the bonus prize, and collecting them from Golden Goose Realty every 12 hours.

Trivia Edit

  • The tokens can be used most effectively to buy the most expensive land tiles.
    • With the addition of land that can only be purchased using land tokens, it is now recommended to save any land tokens for these new tiles. 
  • Several land tokens are usually available as prizes in each Act of events. There are generally no other ways to earn them, as they can not be purchased with currency, donuts, or real money.
  • The Not Yet Spring Cleaning 2019 Event added the Golden Goose Realty, which gives 1 land token every 12 hours.
  • The event also added the ability to get a land token from the Daily Challenges System for completing 5 challenges.
  • After nuking Krustyland following the Itchy & Scratchy Land 2018 Event, the amount of free land tokens the Player received was commensurate to the number of Land Tiles the Player had in Krustyland. 

Gallery Edit

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