Flags Available is a premium limited time questline unlocked when the player placed flags s(he) purchases. It was released on June 25, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Soccer Cup.


Flags AvailableEdit


Flags AvailableEdit

After the player logs in on June 25, 2015.

Flags are now available in the store. Get one today and show your patriotism!
— In-Game Message

Character Dialogue
Carl Icon "How come Norway gets a flag, but Iceland, the country where I was born, doesn't?
Bumblebee Man Icon "Si, I want to show my heritage too!
Lenny Icon "What are you talking about? There's a Mexican flag for sale.
Bumblebee Man Icon "Stupido! I am from Iceland, same as Carl.
Carl Icon "Nobody's backstory makes any sense anymore.

Place Japan FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Comic Book Guy Icon "Akira, my lovely wife. Do you miss your homeland of Japan?
Kumiko Icon "Japan is a serene and beautiful land. That suffers daily attacks from giant monsters.
Kumiko Icon "Springfield is much more quiet. Except for the frequent explosions, giant domes, supervillains and mutant plants, of course.

Place Brazil FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "If you were expecting a mean joke about Brazil, we decided to go easy on them for once.
Homer Serious Icon "Except to mention the fact that there are monkeys everywhere. They clog the streets, touching every part of Brazilian life.
Homer Icon "But other than that, great place.

Place Scotland FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Willie Icon "Sorry. Needed to be said, though.

Place Pirate FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Sea Captain Aghast Icon "Pirates! Batten the hatches! Load the cannons! Prepare to be boarded!
Sea Captain Icon "Fast losing my grip on reality. Yar.

Place Canada FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Annoyed Icon "Oh, great. Canada. America's hat. What have they ever accomplished?
Barney Icon "Seriously, Homer? Canada has all the good parts of America, with none of the bad.
Homer Sad Icon "I know. Secretly, we all know.

Place Australia FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Wolfcastle Angry Icon "I will fly the Austrian flag proudly from my private jet!
Wolfcastle Icon "Wait -- this is an AUSTRALIAN flag! What an outrage!
Wolfcastle Sad Icon "Also, I have not been able to afford a private jet in years. The film career... it has entirely dried up.

Place Wales FlagEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Woohoo Icon "How come Wales' flag has a dragon! That's the coolest thing ever! Why doesn't we have a dragon on OUR lousy, boring flag?
Lisa Icon "Well, dragons aren't really a part of American culture or history.
Homer Icon "What are you talking about? Our culture is now almost entirely “Game of Thrones”-centric. There's dragons in that.
Lisa Annoyed Icon "Why don't we just stick with the stars and stripes? I'm still mad about the Red Wedding.
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