The First Ever Christmas Tree is a limited time decoration released on December 3, 2014 during the Christmas 2014 Event. It was the sixth prize to be unlocked in the Winter 2014 Part 1 prize track. When tapped, it plays a sound. It returned in the Winter 2015 Event as a premium item.

Taking the PlungeEdit

Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
First Ever Christmas Tree Place the First Ever Christmas Tree -- Lisa



Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "It's official. The corporate machine of videogame development has ruined Christmas."
Lisa Icon "Just look at all these junky Christmas decorations! Bland and tasteless, every last one!"
Lisa Icon "This year Springfield should try different Christmas decorations. Something more in the spirit of the original Christmas tree."
Hank Scorpio Icon "The primitive Germanic warrior clans who gave us the Christmas tree often decorated it with the heads of sacrificed enemies."
Lisa Icon "You know, it's very hard being an eight-year-old girl in this freemium game."


Character Dialogue
Ralph Icon "YAY! I want to be a Christmas ornament too!"


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