Extreme Castle Makeover is a quest from the Clash of Clones 2014 Event that explains how to upgrade your castles. It starts upon completion of Prince and the Premise Pt. 3.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Requirements Reward
Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 1 Upgrade Barbarian Castle (x4)
Place Castle Walls (x4)
Elixir100, Experience10
Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 2 Upgrade Barbarian Castle (x2) and Place Castle Towers (x2) Elixir100, Experience10
Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 3 Place Medieval Decorations (x10) Elixir100, Experience10
Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 4 Upgrade Barbarian Castle (Lvl. 10)
Place Castle Gates
Elixir100, Experience10

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Martin Icon.png "I must say, this base of operation is more "Deepwood Motte" than "Winterfell."
Barbarian Icon.png "Is tiny fat nerd insulting barbarian castle?"
Martin Icon.png "Oh no. I'm simply pointing out that your current structure isn't very defendable, and you can't house many troops."
Barbarian Icon.png "More troops mean more raiding! More raiding mean more blood! More blood mean more fun!"
"Me use Elixir to make castle strong."

Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 2[edit | edit source]

No Dialogue

Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 3[edit | edit source]

Character Dialogue
Homer Barbarian Icon.png "What is it dorks?"
Milhouse Icon.png "Um, Barbarian Leader?"
Homer Barbarian Icon.png "That’s Great Super Awesome Barbarian Leader to you, freak."
Comic Book Guy Icon.png "Great Super Awesome Barbarian Leader, we were thinking, since this is a strategy-based fighting game now, that Springfield should be more… Medieval looking."
Homer Barbarian Icon.png "Like what?"
Milhouse Icon.png "Stone walls"
Martin Icon.png "Banners"
Professor Frink Icon.png "Catapults"
Comic Book Guy Icon.png "Hay bales. Lots of hay bales."
Homer Barbarian Icon.png "Well, nothing says the dark ages like hay bales. Sure, go nuts."

Extreme Castle Makeover Pt. 4[edit | edit source]

No Dialogue

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