The Exclusive Resort is a building released on December 2, 2015, with the Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) update.

Upgrades Edit

Level Image Cost Reward Upgrade Screen
Exclusive Resort Menu
2 Resort Wing Upgrade Resort Entrance Upgrade Yoga Mat Indicator20
Ads Indicator15
Real Estate Indicator90K
Resort Wing
Resort Entrance
Exclusive Resort Level 2 Upgrade Screen
3 Resort Balcony Upgrade Resort Annex Upgrade Yoga Mat Indicator50
Ads Indicator25
Real Estate Indicator300K
Resort Balcony
Resort Annex
Exclusive Resort Level 3 Upgrade Screen
4 Resort Gardens Upgrade Resort Stairway Upgrade Pharmaceutical Indicator20
Ads Indicator30
Real Estate Indicator390K
Resort Gardens
Resort Stairway
Exclusive Resort Level 4 Upgrade Screen
5 Resort Tower Upgrade Resort Elevator Upgrade Pharmaceutical Indicator50
Ads Indicator70
Real Estate Indicator645K
Resort Tower
Resort Elevator
Exclusive Resort Level 5 Upgrade Screen
Total N/A Yoga Mat Indicator70
Pharmaceutical Indicator70
Ads Indicator140
Real Estate Indicator2.085M N/A

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