Emblems (Stonecutter Emblem) were a limited time currency from the Stonecutters 2014 Event. Players earned these by tapping on the Order or by completing Number 1's Tasks. The Stonecutter Event marked the return of the original prize system.

Prizes Edit

The following table outlines the prizes for this event.

Name Amount to Earn
Sacred Parchment Stonecutter Emblem1450
Number 36 Stonecutter Emblem4000
Chest of Sacred Artifacts Stonecutter Emblem6500
Number 85
Number 600
Stonecutter Emblem10000
Number 29
Money Pool
Stonecutter Emblem14000
Number 50
Number 79
Stonecutter Emblem18000
Stone of Triumph Stonecutter Emblem22500
Number 5
Number 12
Number 14
Stonecutter Emblem28000
Stonecutter Table Stonecutter Emblem31500
Satan's Anvil Stonecutter Emblem35000

Trivia Edit

  • Emblems are the first Prize System Currency to reward multiple prizes at once upon reaching a certain amount of currency.
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