Elixir (Elixir) was a limited time currency from the Clash of Clones 2014 Event. It was used to upgrade buildings and purchase items. Elixir was also one of the prizes given during the event. It is one of two currencies used in this event, the other being Gold.

Elixir could be obtained after completing quests, upgrading castles, attacking other towns and as Personal Prizes. It was also available in The Store on weekends.

Content Bought With Elixir Edit

The following items could have been bought with Elixir during the event.


Name Cost
Castle Gates* Elixir1500
Castle Tower* Elixir750
Castle Wall* Elixir100
Guillotine Elixir5000
Hay Cart Elixir200
Medieval Tent Elixir300
Medieval Banner Elixir950
Stock Elixir475
Two-Story Outhouse Elixir3000
Windmill Elixir2000

*Only available to purchase once the Barbarian Castle is Level 10 or higher.

Store Edit

During the span of the event, Elixir could only be bought in The Store during the Weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Once the weekend was over, the Elixir became unavailable until the following weekend, and so on until the end of the event.

Image Name Cost
Elixir 200 200 Elixir Donuts6
Elixir 1000 1000 Elixir Donuts26
Elixir 4000 4000 Elixir Donuts100

*Elixir could only be purchased on weekends. Originally, it could only be purchased Wednesdays.

Attacking/Defending Edit

During this update, players can attack other towns to earn Elixir and Gold. This is done by sending Nerds to attack houses or castles.

Attacking a... Result Reward
Random Town
Castle Win Elixir140
Gold Indicator50
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir70
Gold Indicator25
Lose Elixir5
Gold Indicator1
Friend's Town
Castle Win Elixir25
Gold Indicator10
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator2
House Win Elixir18
Gold Indicator8
Lose Elixir5
Gold Indicator1
Defending a... Result Reward
Castle/House Win Elixir20
Gold Indicator10
Lose Elixir10
Gold Indicator5

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to an in-game update on September 9, 2014, Elixir was originally available for purchase every Wednesday for a 24-hour period.
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