Tap on the Elf Home to release the Happy Little Elves. Watch them open all available presents and gift bags and drop bonus rewards on random house doorsteps!
— In Game Message

The Elf Home is a limited time premium building first released during the Christmas 2013 Event. Players also received one Elf Home as a personal prize if they collected 6,000 gift cards.

The Elf Home returned in the Christmas 2014 Event as a reward for Tunnel 4 of Santa's Tasks, and even though it was not for donuts this time, it still earns at a premium rate.  It was available for purchase for Donuts from January 9 to January 13, 2014.

It returned during The Invasion Before Christmas 2017 Event as a premium item bought in the shop.


  • When the player taps on the Elf Home, once every 24 hours, 4 Happy Little Elves will come out and run around their Springfield, opening their gifts and dropping new gifts on random doorsteps - a useful feature for the hard to find gifts, such as those hidden behind buildings.
  • The description of the stores gives precedence to the cash payout and ignores to show the bonus.


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