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Eggs (Egg) were a limited time currency for the Easter 2014 Event. For every 500 eggs of a color players could trade them for a prize boxes.

Every time players zapped a bunny, they earned a blue or pink egg. Players could also have earned eggs by visiting neighbors every 24 hours—the first 30 actions gave 5 eggs, the second 30 actions gave 3 eggs, the next 30 actions gave 2 eggs and the last 210 actions gave 1 egg.

Players of the update were divided into two groups, the pink group and the blue group. Those in the pink group received a majority of pink eggs, with quests and tasks rewarding pink eggs. Those in the blue group received a majority of blue eggs, with quests and tasks rewarding blue eggs. 

Eggs could also have been bought for Donuts in the shop.

Characters with Limited-Time EGG Jobs Edit

The following characters had jobs which rewarded Eggs for completing.

Character Time Job Reward
Homer 12h Steal Easter Eggs Egg 25, XP 100
Ned 16h Hunt Bunnies Egg 30, XP 200
Ralph 16h Collect Easter Egg Egg 30, XP 200
Nelson 16h Raid Bird Nests Egg 30, XP 200
Skinner 24h Search the School for Eggs Egg 45, XP 150
Crazy Cat Lady 24h Throw Bunnies...? Egg 70, XP 225
Moe 1d 8h Hunt Bunnies with Prejudice Egg 55, XP 200

Prizes Edit

The chart below shows the prizes earned from each box, separated by colour.

Blue Pink Gold
Egg Council Guy
Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.
Hugs Bunny
Johnny Fiestas
Blocko Store
Father Sean
Easter Pond Easter Fence Shary Bobbins
Easter Egg Pile Beach Towel and Umbrella Bunny #24601
Easter Fence Easter Tree Banana Dictatorship
GoldEgg100 or 300 GoldEgg100 or 300 Easter Gate
PinkEgg250 Blueegg250 Kodos Topiary
Kang Topiary
Pastel Picket Fence

Store Edit

During the event, The Store had a sale on Eggs, and offered certain coloured Egg in certain amounts for Donuts.

Image Name Cost Cost per Egg
Blue550 550 Blue Eggs Donuts15 Donuts0.027
Pink550 550 Pink Eggs Donuts15 Donuts0.027
Gold550 550 Gold Eggs* Donuts15 Donuts0.027
Blueeggs1700 1700 Blue Eggs Donuts25 Donuts0.015
Pink1700 1700 Pink Eggs Donuts25 Donuts0.015
Gold1700 1700 Gold Eggs* Donuts25 Donuts0.015
Blue4550 4550 Blue Eggs Donuts50 Donuts0.011
Pink4550 4550 Pink Eggs Donuts50 Donuts0.011
4550Gold 4550 Gold Eggs* Donuts50 Donuts0.011
Pinkblue11400 5700 Pink and Blue Eggs Donuts100 Donuts0.018

*Gold Eggs were added to the shop in an update on May 9th.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first time a currency was made easier or harder to get by dividing players into groups.
    • It was also the first currency that divided itself up by colour and offered different prizes depending on colour.
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