Egg on Your Noggin' is a quest that unlocks once the player gets the Egg Nog Bar.


Quest Requirements Reward
Egg on Your Noggin' Place the Egg Nog Bar Gift Card Currency Icon20 XP10


Egg on Your Noggin'Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Whoo hoo! A new bar!"
Moe Icon "Whoa, whoa, whoa! That place serves egg nog. If you drink that stuff, it could kill ya."
Homer Icon "Why? I'm not allergic to eggs. And I outgrew my childhood nog allergy years ago."
Moe Icon "But they spike the nog with un-watererd down rum. As a customer of Moe's you've never had real booze before."
"It's just one more way Moe's takes care of its' valued lushes."
Homer Icon "Thanks, pal. Why, you couldn't pay me to drink that nog."
Krusty Icon "But that's exactly what we'll do! A free Giveaway Wheel token to one lucky customer every day!"
Homer Icon "And just like that, I'm back on board!"
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