Effigy in White is the Act 1 Winter 2015 Event task chain creating and upgrading the Best Snowman Ever. It is the ultimate continuation of Homer's tacky holiday decorations from The Decoration Inflation.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Snow Big Deal Build the Best Snowman Ever
Make Homer Pile Snow
Festive Hats Indicator100, XP10 Auto
Effigy in White Pt. 1 Upgrade the "Best Snowman Ever" to Level 2 - Festive Hats Indicator100, XP10 Auto
Effigy in White Pt. 2 Upgrade the "Best Snowman Ever" to Level 3 - Festive Hats Indicator100, XP10
Effigy in White Pt. 3 Upgrade the "Best Snowman Ever" to Level 4 - Festive Hats Indicator100, XP10
Effigy in White Pt. 4 Upgrade the "Best Snowman Ever" to Level 5 - Festive Hats Indicator100. XP10
Effigy in White Pt. 5 Make Homer Admire His Creation 60m Festive Hats Indicator100, XP10 Auto

Dialogue Edit

Snow Big Deal Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon "I've got the best decoration idea yet!"
Homer Sarcastic Icon "What's more Christmas-y than a snowman?"
Bart Icon "How ‘bout a giant snowman?"
Homer Ooh Icon "You're right! Anything supersized is better! Let's do that!"
Lisa Curious Icon "Dad, building a giant snowman is a much greater architectural challenge than it might seem."
Homer Sarcastic Icon "How hard could it be? I find the biggest carrot in the world for a nose, and the rest is downhill."

Effigy in White Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Confused Icon "Homer, all I see is a pile of snow and no man."
Homer Icon "Just wait ‘til its stick arms are stuck, and its coal eyes are popped."
Bart Laughing Icon "Well, right now your snowman looks like a much bigger snowman took a crap."
Lisa Annoyed Icon "I'd have chosen different words, but I agree with Bart. Your volunteers don't seem to know what they're doing."
Lisa Confused Icon "One group seems to be undoing all the work of the other. And there's a third group that's just eating snow..."

Effigy in White Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Worried Icon "Dad? I don't think this snowman is turning out the way you planned."
Homer Icon "Plan? There is no plan, honey. That's my brilliant plan."
Homer Icon "Plus I'm “crowdsourcing” all the hard work. Which is a nice word for taking advantage of people."
Homer Happy Icon "And in the end, if it doesn't work out, I can just walk away as if it never happened. Thank you, “crowdsourcing!”"

Effigy in White Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "See, Lisa, there's nothing to worry about."
Lisa Worried Icon "I don't know. Its structural integrity concerns me."
Lisa Curious Icon "And I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one kid wedged in the foundation."
Homer Happy Icon "Actually, there's four. Kids make good cornerstones."

Effigy in White Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Alarmed Icon "Dad, I'm going to ask you to hang up your snow shovel before the whole snowman structure collapses and buries us all."
Homer Annoyed Icon "It's only happened twice and everyone's still here… maybe I should take a headcount."
Homer Sarcastic Icon "Anyway, don't worry. I rounded up some eggheads and threatened them into helping us finish."
Lisa Nagging Icon "Well, I don't approve of bullying… but it's comforting knowing eggheads are on the job."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Happy Icon "I think we've done it, Dad!"
Homer Happy Icon "It's exactly like my dream. Except for the base, the body, and the top part that was s'posed to look like Frankenstein."
Homer Guilty Icon "My dream was actually a nightmare."
Homer Happy Icon "It really is the best snowman ever."
Professor Frink Icon "And thanks to my advanced cryo-technology, it won't even melt in summer!"
Professor Frink Sad Icon "Though it may eventually come to life and wipe out all of earth."

Trivia Edit


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