Drinks is a limited-time currency available during the Homer vs the 18th Amendment 2018 Event. It was used during the Pass, Puff, Puff questline, and the total is only visible there. The counter resets after each stage of the questline and excess Drinks earned do not carry over from one part to the next.

Drinks Prizes Edit

Prize Quest Drinks Needed
Duff Puff and Unruly Crowd Menu
Duff Puff & Unruly Crowd
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 1 Drinks Icon240
Bathtub Brewery
Bathtub Brewery
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 2 Drinks Icon420
Canadian Crossing and Free Land Token Menu
Canadian Crossing & Free Land Token
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 3 Drinks Icon420
Damaged Simpson House
Damaged Simpson House
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 4 Drinks Icon420
Howard K. Duff Unlock
Howard K. Duff
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 5 Drinks Icon420
Duff Float
Duff Float
Pass, Puff, Puff Pt. 6 Drinks Icon420

Gallery Edit

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