Dr. Nick is a quest chain featuring Dr. Nick This quest requires the Springfield General Hospital.


Quest Requirements Reward
Hi Everybody! Make Dr. Nick Promote Bargain Medical Practice Cash100
Bargain Clinic! Make Dr. Nick Practice Medicine Cash100
A Real Doctor? Make Dr. Nick Practice Street Pharmacy Cash100
Statement To The Police Make Dr. Nick Testify in a Malpractice Suit Cash100
Faulty Promotion Make Dr. Nick Promote a Shoddy Product Cash100
Bargain Surgery Make Dr. Nick Perform Surgery Cash100


Hi Everybody!Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Hi, everybody!"
Lisa Icon "Hi, Dr. Nick!"
Dr. Nick Icon "Good news! Starting right away, I will be offering all services at a discount!"
Lisa Icon "Oh, really?"
Dr. Nick Icon "If there's one place people like to scrimp, it's with major medical procedures!"

Bargain Clinic!Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Hi, everybody!"
Cletus Icon "Howdy, Dr. Nick!"
Dr. Nick Icon "Now open for business: my own personal Bargain Medical Practice Business!"
"I can provide you with the most affordable service, medicine, and placebos available on the market!"
Cletus Icon "Would lil 'ol I be able to 'ford this?"
Dr. Nick Icon "Sure! Even the lowliest of the society can afford my prices, or I take a kidney instead! Who needs two? Not you!"

A Real Doctor?Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Hi, everybody!"
Bart Icon "Hi, Dr. Nick! So... I can get doctor's notes from you to cut class, right?"
Dr. Nick Icon "Sure! Come see me during my next shift. But remember, fraud costs extra!"

Statement To The PoliceEdit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Hi, everybody!"
Wiggum Icon "Oh, hey Dr. Nick. I'm afraid we need to ask you a few questions down at the station."
Dr. Nick Icon "Sure! I've already cured or killed all the patients I was supposed to see today."

Faulty PromotionEdit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Good news, everybody! I have some new affordable products here to show you!"
Brockman Icon "Well hey, Dr. Nick! Before we start, weren't you involved in the Sleezy Bake oven scandal?"
Dr. Nick Icon "A complete overreaction! Most of those burns were purely cosmetic, which I agreed to fix for the low price of 49.95!"
Brockman Icon "Well, when you put it that way... Why don't you come over to Channel 6 and tell us about some of your new products?"

Bargain SurgeryEdit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Nick Icon "Hi, Julius Hibbert! Could I borrow your surgery place for a super quick cut-a-ma-thing?"
Herman Icon "Very well. You can wash your hands in that sink over there."
Dr. Nick Icon "I prefer to wait and wash my hands after surgery. That's when they're covered with the most blood."
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