I'm a master of disguise. I just need to take off my clothes first.
— Dr. Griffin (Invisible Man)'s unlock message.

Dr. Griffin (Invisible Man) is a limited-time premium character that was released on October 30, 2019, as part of Act 2 of the Treehouse of Horror XXX Event. He is unlocked upon the completion of the Invisible House.

About Edit

Dr. Griffin, otherwise known as the Invisible Man is the titular character from the 1897 novella The Invisible Man written by H. G. Wells, and the 1933 movie of the same name and its sequels.

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Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Party With Monster Friends Cash105
60m Fogbury Cemetery OR Dracula's Castle OR Invisible House OR Brown House Nope
Drown His Sorrows in Chocolate Cash260
4h - Check
Try to get a Movie Deal Cash420
8h Krustylu Studios OR Android's Dungeon Nope
Try to Break Into His Own House Cash600
12h Invisible House Check
Work From Home Cash1000
24h Invisible House Nope

Quest Based Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Call Lock Smiths Cash420
8h Invisible House Unforeseen Consequences Pt. 2 Nope
Hire a Criminal Cash420
8h Moe's Tavern Unforeseen Consequences Pt. 4 Nope
Get Robbed Cash420
8h Invisible House Unforeseen Consequences Pt. 5 Nope

Limited Time

Task Rewards Time Requires Event/Quest Visual
Harvest Hearts Beating Hearts Icon8
4h Soul Extraction Institute OR Springfield General Hospital OR Brown House Treehouse of Horror XXX Event Nope

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