Double Trouble is a questline of Level 48 that occurs if the Player has Sherri and Terri.

Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
Double Trouble Make Bart Attempt to Discern Who he is Dating

Make Sherri and Terri Go on a Date

12h Bart

Dialogue Edit


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "You wanted to see me, Sherri... Or is it Terri?"
Sherri & Terri Icon "Bart Simpson! You can't joke your way out of our date!"
Bart Icon "Oh yes, our date."

"First lets start with the romantic French tradition of stating our full names and then writing our first initials on our hands."

Sherri & Terri Icon "That's hilarious, Bart. Of course, I know your name. And, of course, you know mine. I love the way you say my name."

"Say it now, why don't you."

Bart Icon "She... Ter... How about I give you a fun first date nickname instead?"

"Let's settle for ‘erri, just to be safe."

Sherri & Terri Icon "But what are you going to call me?"
Sherri & Terri Icon "Surprise, my sister is going to be our chaperone! Isn't that fun?"

"It's like you're going out with a mirror. Now, how about getting a sweet for your sweet?"


Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "They keep switching places! I'll never figure out who's who."

"What if I give the sundae to the wrong twin? I'll be the laughing stock of the playground."
"I know, I'll buy two! Bart, sometimes you really are a genius."
"Not genius enough to distinguish between two different people, but genius all the same."

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