The Doomsday Mystery Box is a premium limited-time mystery box available during the Bart Royale 2018 Event.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Item Chance of Winning* Item's Actual Price
Apu's Apocalypse Jeep 7.7% Candy Apples540
Cemetery Plot 7.7% Donuts100
Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle 7.6% Donuts110
Death 7.7% Clapboard Icon.png61400
E.P.A. Hoverjet 7.7% Donuts70
Mayan Bundle** 7.7% Donuts300
Mayan Homer + Mayan Marge** 7.7% Donuts170
Mayan Marge** 7.7% Donuts90
Mutant Rabbit 7.7% Donuts75
Pet Cemetery + Zombies Bundle 7.7% Donuts90
Police Tank 7.7% Donuts60
Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe 7.7% Donuts70
The Island of Dr. Hibbert 7.7% Donuts70
Vehicle Pileup 7.7% Donuts75
Zombie Sandwich 7.7% Donuts100

*Chances vary if one or more items already owned. **Items vary if one or more already owned.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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