Dollars to Donuts is a task that unlocks the ability to buy spin tokens in the shop.


Quest Requirements Reward
Dollars to Donuts Spin the Giveaway Wheel Gift Card Currency Icon20 XP10


Dollars to DonutsEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Woo-hoo! I found a chocolate coin!"
"Aw, it’s not made of chocolate. Just gold. Lousy, worthless, precious gold."
Krusty Icon "That, my friend, is a token for the Krusty’s Non-Denominational Holiday Giveaway Wheel!"
"Brought to you by your mysterious friends at Claus Co. Claus Co: the “I Wonder Why They’re Doing This” people."
"Get bonus tokens bundled randomly with Claus Co Gift Credit."
"And remember, “Global Warming is a hoax!”"
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