Woof, sir.
— Doggy Smithers's Unlock Message

Doggy Smithers is a limited-time premium character released on August 16, 2016, as part of Act 1 of the SciFi 2016 Event. He is unlocked together with Robo Burns upon completion of the Soul Extraction Institute. He is a counterpart of Smithers.

Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Power Doggy Nap Cash105
60m Burns Manor Nope
Play with Robo Burns Cash520
4h Robo Burns Check
Scratch Virtual Fleas Cash420
8h Burns Manor Nope
Bark at Nothing Cash600
12h - Check
Sniff Racing Dogs Cash1000
24h Springfield Downs Nope

Quotes Edit

When Selected When sent on a good job When sent on a bad job When collecting from a job
"Hug me!"
"Squeeze me."
"Tug at my fur."
[affectionately] "Mmmmmmmm..."

Gallery Edit

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