The Diet Sign is a limited time decoration released during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event. It has a very short quest called "Dial D for Diet".


Character Dialogue
Place the Diet Sign
Homer Icon "What is that? No! Noooooooo! Please God, no!"
Tap the Diet Sign
Homer Icon "AHHHHHHHHH!"


  • The sign is from a Season 8 episode titled "The Springfield Files" where Homer stumbles upon the sign while drunk one Friday night. When he first sees it a tree covers the last letter so it just says "DIE", which causes Homer to scream, then a gust of wind moves the tree so that the whole word "DIET" can now be seen, and this makes Homer scream even louder.
  • The Diet Sign is animated, when tapped on there is the sound of an eerie wind blowing and the tree moves revealing the last letter, changing "DIE" to "DIET".


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