Demographic Rude-ity is a premium quest that is part of the Akira premium quest chain. It was released on September 5, 2014.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Demographic Rude-ity Pt. 1 Reach Level 27 and build the Springfield Buddhist Temple

Make Akira Discretely Talk About Double Standards

Akira 24h


Demographic Rude-ity Pt. 2 Make Akira Take on City Hall Akira 24h


Demographic Rude-ity Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "I think I saw an alien while I was out. He was actually a pretty nice guy/thing."

"Turned out, we both really like raw dolphin meat."
"By the way, where are all the Asian people?"
"Are they all crammed into the Buddhist monastery, burning offerings to their ancestors? That is a good time."

Lisa Icon "Yeah... Asian people... Comic Book Guy now has a Japanese wife."
Akira Icon "That fat, hairy kaiju?! Is she a horrific creature from the sea as well?"
Lisa Icon "No, she's very pretty. And really easy to talk to. And smart."

"Doesn't say a lot of jokes though, but no worse than any other woman in town."

Demographic Rude-ity Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Hey, um, where are the Asian people?"
Lisa Icon "Heh... sooooo, remember when I mentioned Comic Book Guy's wife?"
Akira Icon "Yeah. That may or may not have been a long time ago, but it was just one conversation back."
Lisa Icon "Sooooo… you and her are it."
Akira Icon "What?! I've seen a space alien! Are you telling me there are half as many space aliens in this town as there are Asian people?"
Lisa Icon "There are actually possibly three aliens in this town... if the town belongs to a big spender."
Akira Icon "THREE SPACE ALIENS?! There are more space aliens than Asian people?!"
Lisa Icon "Well, there is Apu. Does Indian count as Asian?"
Akira Icon "Our potato-headed, whiskey-soaked papist mayor is about to get an angry Asian earful."

"And before you tell me what I said was racist, I never said Japanese people aren't racist. Just that this is messed up."


Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "I hear you and understand your frustration. This issue is hotter than spicy kimchi!"
Akira Icon "That's Korean."
Quimby Icon "Er, is that the wrong type of youse? Siracha? Does that work?"
Akira Icon "This meeting has not gone well."
Quimby Icon "Here me out in full. The 2010 Census says that 5.6% of the US population is Asian."

"By my count, we have more than 150 possible individuals in Springfield, not including outfits—"

Akira Icon "How many of those individuals speak? I bet you're counting pets!"
Quimby Icon "Limiting to only those who have said things, we have over 100 men, women, children, and whoozits like that."

"Counting you, Kumiko, and Nasapota…the Apus, we have an almost 5% Asian population. Demographically, we're pretty on par with the country."
"Additionally, three quarters of Asian-Americans are concentrated in 10 states. Perhaps Springfield isn't in one of those states."
"We might be a little more diverse than you give us credit for…speaking relative only to the least diverse parts of America."

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