This page is about debris in Springfield. For debris in Krustyland, see Krustyland Debris.

Debris are rather unique decorations found by either purchasing Land Expansions or successfully launching the rocket. There are five different variations of debris, none of which can be sold; however, they can be moved and stored. The only way to completely remove them is to make either Homer or Lisa perform the job Clean Up Springfield. Upon completion of this job, the debris will be removed. On average, each 16x16 Land Expansion square contains three to five pieces of debris.

There is also a very rare chance of receiving a single Donut upon the removal of the debris.

During the Winter events, waste barrels changed from orange and yellow to silver and red.

Jobs involved Edit

This is the highest paying job in the game, in terms of money per hour. However, the job is limited. The payout for cleaning 1 is 35 cash and 1 XP.

Regular Jobs


  • Clean Up Springfield - 6s (removes the debris)


  • Clean Up Springfield - 6s (removes the debris)

Trivia Edit

  • The Deep Space Homer 2016 Event introduced for the first time, since the game release, the ability to store debris. Additionally, successfully launching rockets into space would return the chance of obtaining debris; a batch of 4, randomly chosen from all different types which would be placed on the player's inventory.
  • The amount of cash earned from cleaning debris is half the amount of cash received for sending a non-premium character to do a non-premium 60 minute job.
  • Debris will no longer be on locked land spaces when you get far enough

Gallery Edit

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