Database Recovery is the first part of the Level 44 update which unlocks Database and Honest John's Computers


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Database Recovery Pt. 1 Build Honest John's Computers Logging In 24h
Database Recovery Pt. 2 Make Townspeople Hang Out at Honest John's Computers (x10)
Make Database Be Alone
Database 6h


Database Recovery Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Carl Icon ”Homer, good God, what are you doing?!”
“You can’t let an elephant drink up all the reactor coolant!”
It may be an incredible visual for all of us who can see inside the power plant, but it’s also very dangerous.”
Homer Icon ”What, so I should let this majestic creature slurp water from a curb puddle like some common hippo?”
Carl Icon ”Spit out that coolant, Schnoozo!”
Stampy Icon *trunk blast*
Carl Icon ”Homer, why ya trying to blow up the town for the…” “…third time? Sixth? I lost count a while ago.”
Homer Icon ”This Springfield is a crummy imitation of the old one, and everyone named Homer knows it!”
“Why it’s missing this town’s most famous landmark – Honest John’s Computers!”
Lenny Icon ”Are you guys talking about Honest John’s Computers? Man, I miss that place.”
Carl Icon ”Sure, Honest John’s was the beating heart of this ‘burg. No one’s disputing that.”
Moe Icon ”I always loved how it looks like an auto-body shop, even though they sold ‘puters.”
But I don’t need to describe what Honest John’s looks like. It’s an image we all treasure.”
Quimby Icon ”Truly, I would rather be mayor of North Korea than run a Springfield without Honest John’s.”
Carl Icon ”Then let’s just rebuild it in the town we have.”
“Trust me, no one wants to start at the beginning remaking this thing.”


Character Dialogue
Database Icon "Gaaah! By Dr. Who’s Tardis, I’m back!"
"Thank you for tirelessly working for my return, good citizens."
Moe Icon "Who the hells is that?"

Database Recovery Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Database Icon "Delicious. To once more smell the grass and hear the jingles of home is wondrous."
Moe Icon "Again, whose is ya again?"
Bart Icon "I heard we got a new kid! Is it..."
"…oh, it's Database. I was hoping for Hubert Wong."
Database Icon "I promise my presence will delight and--"
Homer Icon "Whatever, nerdburger."
"We've got Honest John's back! Time to celebrate by browsing marked up computers and computer accessories!"
Mr. Burns Icon "Ah, Honest John's. Such a magical place!"
"Why, their counting machines melt my hard drive into a floppy disk."
Database Icon "That is not accurate to--"
Homer Icon "Ignore the child! To Honest John's and the Springfield of our dreams!"


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "This mousepad looks like it's made of cheese. Oh bless you, Honest John's! Bless you!"
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