D Biscuit is a premium limited time side questline involving the characters Furious D and Bart Simpson with his Jockey Bart's costume. It was released on July 3, 2015, during the Tap Ball 2015 Event's Act 2.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
D Biscuit Pt. 1 Make Jockey Bart and Furious D Find a Hobby 24h Cash100, XP10 Bart
D Biscuit Pt. 2 Make Jockey Bart Whip Around Town
Make Furious D Be Cool
Cash100, XP10 Bart
D Biscuit Pt. 3 Make Jockey Bart Eat at Krusty Burger
Make Furious D Eat at Krusty Burger
Cash100, XP10 Bart
D Biscuit Pt. 4 Make Jockey Bart Ride Around Town
(with Furious D)
4h Cash100, XP10 Bart
D Biscuit Pt. 5 Make Jockey Bart Check the Race Schedule* 60m Cash100, XP10 Bart
D Biscuit Pt. 6 Make Jockey Bart Ride Furious D Around the Track*
Make Furious D Run Around the Track*
Cash100, XP10 Bart

* The player need to be at lavel 16 in order to built the Springfield Downs, if not, the last two parts will be skipped.


D Biscuit Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Furious D Icon "*neigh*"
Jockey Bart Happy Icon "Duncan! My old racehorse! You're back!"
Jockey Bart Icon "Whaddya say? Should we get back on the track?"
Jockey Bart Icon "And then make another visit to the secret underground lair of the murderous jockeys?"
Furious D Icon "*shakes head*"
Jockey Bart Sad Icon "Yeah, I guess not. Nobody was too crazy about it the first time. Kind of a misstep, they all said."
Furious D Icon "*nods emphatically*"
Jockey Bart Icon "Well lets find what it is that you do want to do."

D Biscuit Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Icon "We've tried skeet shooting, BASE jumping, gin rummy... I'm running out of ideas. What DO horses enjoy?"
Furious D Icon "*assumes cool pose*"
Jockey Bart Icon "Just walk around looking cool, huh? Well, it is about all I'm qualified to do."

D Biscuit Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Icon "Last time I saw you, D, you were running off with that lady horse. What happened with you two?"
Furious D Sad Icon "*neighs*"
Jockey Bart Sad Icon "Yeah, buying a house is tough. Don't feel bad -- the stress causes a lot of couples to break up."
Jockey Bart Icon "Let's commiserate, over a meal that's most likely made from a relative of yours."

D Biscuit Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Icon "See, I just think you need to get back in the saddle. Or, under the saddle, in this case."
Jockey Bart Icon "That filly had you wrapped around her hoof so tight, you forgot that you're born to run."
Jockey Bart Icon "What do you say? Should we go for a practice run?"
Furious D Icon "*makes a gesture that, when it comes from a horse, means “I don't know, Bart. It's been so long.”*"
Jockey Bart Icon "Just a quick gallop around town."

D Biscuit Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Happy Icon "You still got it, D! That's it! I'm gonna find us a race to enter at Springfield Downs!"


Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Happy Icon "There's a race on today D! We can so win this!"
Furious D Happy Icon "*another gesture, meaning: “Though the outcome is anything but certain, I can no longer deny what I am.”*"
Jockey Bart Happy Icon "Hehehe, classic D!"

D Biscuit Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Icon "All right, D! Let's break the track record!"
Furious D Icon "*neighs. Translation: “I shall make every effort to reward your confidence in me, my young friend.”*"

Jobs StartedEdit

Character Dialogue
Jockey Bart Surprised Icon "How come we're the only horse in this race?"
Furious D Surprised Icon "*neighs. Translation: “Maybe the obese policeman will know why.”*"
Wiggum Icon "I sure do know why! D is the only horse in Springfield. Lisa had a pony once, but we haven't gotten around to that story yet."
Krusty Happy Icon "Shut up, all of you! I got a thousand bucks on this one-horse race!"



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