The Cyber Monday Mystery Box is a premium limited-time mystery box that was released on November 26, 2017, as part of the Cyber Monday 2017 Promotion.

It was re-released on November 20, 2018, with the Black Friday 2018 Promotion with the same items available.

Prizes Edit

Item Chance of Winning* Item's Actual Price
Big Digi-Ben 9.09% Donuts115
Electric Cars Bundle 9.09% Donuts120
Elysium Project 9.09% Donuts110
Frink's Lab + LadyBot
Future-Proofed Home + LadyBot
9.09% Donuts200
Giant Robot 9.09% Donuts75
President Lisa 9.09% Chronons Icon29100
Rocket to Your Doom 9.09% Donuts80
Soul Extraction Institute 9.09% Donuts100
The Homer 9.09% Donuts82
Truckasaurus 9.1% Donuts225
Yard Work Simulator 9.09% Donuts175

* Chances vary if one or more items are already owned.

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