Springfield County Court House (simply referred to as the Court House) is a building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released in January 2014 along with the Level 38 update. Upon completion, the player will unlock Judge Roy Snyder as a character in their Springfield.


Springfield County Court House is the main court in Springfield. Its two main judges are Roy Snyder and Constance Harm.

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Jobs InvolvedEdit

See Character Groups at the bottom of the list

Regular Jobs

Artie Ziff

  • Jury Duty - 24h

Freddy Quimby

  • Get a Slap on the Wrist - 60m


  • Jury Duty - 24h

Matt Groening

  • Jury Duty - 24h

Judge Snyder

  • Preside Over a Court Session - 4h


  • Jury Duty - 24h

Level's Quest Based Jobs


  • Get Divorced - 24h

Quest Based Jobs

Blue Haired Lawyer

  • Attend Negotiations - 4h
  • Attend Court Hearing - 4h
  • Prosecute Krusty - 4h

Comic Book Guy

  • Attend Court Hearing - 4h


  • Take Krusty to Court - 4h


  • Attend Court Hearing - 4h

Character Groups
Springfielders (with the exception of Civil Servants, Judge Snyder and Kent Brockman)

  • Attend Court Hearing - 4h

Façades Edit


  • The Court House originally cost $170400 to build. As of the Level 43 update, the price was reduced to $149100. The price was reduced one more time to $106500 and will be to $79800 to continue the pattern for levels 36 and 37


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