Need to collect/Cost

Gift Card Currency Icon30000 (2013)
Donuts110 (2014)

Level required


Characters unlocked

Mr. Costington


Cash200, XP22

Collection time

8 hours


8 x 8

Building time

6 seconds


Cutting Wages

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Consumerism: +10

Costington's is a limited time building first released during the Christmas 2013 Event in December 2013. It was the tenth prize of the event. Upon completion, Mr. Costington is unlocked. It was re-released as a premium item during the Christmas 2014 Event.


Costington's is a high-end department store located in Downtown Springfield. Their slogan is "Over A Century Without A Slogan". Costington's sponsors the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and holds a "Love Day" celebration. Owned by Mr. Costington, the store has employed many Springfieldians, including Homer (as their parade Santa and as a mattress salesman), Gil and The Yes Guy.

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Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Mr. Costington

  • Intimidate Employees - 4h
  • Root Out Troublemakers - 8h

Limited Time

Mr. Costington

  • Ruin Christmas - 4h
  • Spend a Fortune Monitoring Employees - 12h

Adult Springfielders

  • Shop for loved ones - 6h
  • Stampede Stores - 12h


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