Finally, I'm cool!
— Cool Lisa's unlock message

Cool Lisa is a costume released on May 15, 2014, along with The Yellow Badge of Cowardge Promotional and is the 8th Friend Point prize. Once applied from the Inventory, the costume triggers the Cool Intentions questline.

About Edit

In the hopes of making friends on the latest family vacation trip, Lisa packs an empty suitcase, determined to leave her 'nerdy' self behind. Seeing this as a chance for a new beginning, Lisa abandons her old, nerdy image, and tries to develop a new persona. She gets a cool new look at the beach, and finds some skateboarding friends: Erin, Dean, Rick and Ben. Trying her best to fit in, she humiliates Bart by telling her new friends that he is a nerd. Bart becomes furiously jealous of the attention Lisa is getting, and attempts to ruin her friendships by showing them Lisa's accolades in her yearbook. Saddened at this event, Lisa runs off.

Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Be Cool Cash70
60m - Check
Attempt to Skate Board Cash175
4h - Check
Hang with Cool Kids Cash275
8h Simpson House Nope
Sneak in Some Homework Cash420
12h Simpson House Nope
Hang Out at Krusty Burger Cash600
24h Krusty Burger Nope

Quest Based Jobs

Job name Rewards Time Requires Quest Visual
Heckle Bart During Recess Cash840
12h Springfield Elementary, Bart Cool Intentions Pt. 5 Nope

Quotes Edit

  • They are the same quotes as for Lisa herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Cool Lisa is one of the few permanent costumes in the game, the other two being Treehugger Lisa and Monty Moneybags.
  • Curiously, Lisa had no voice clips while wearing this costume
    • With the Level 40 update on April 30, 2014, Cool Lisa is now voiced.


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