The Community Center or Springfield Community Center is a premium building in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It costs 150 donuts to purchase, and was released with the Level 30 update. Upon completion of the Community Center, the player will unlock Jasper.


Springfield Community Center is located in Midtown Springfield by the shoreline. It has red brick walls and atrium style roof walls. The roof and door porch are both in a 'V' shape - most likely for aesthetics. Lots of meeting are held in the Community Center if they are not taking place in the Town Hall. It has a large billboard outside displaying events and meeting taking place, much alike the Town Hall. It has no parking facilities, but people visiting generally just park on the main road outside, which leads down to the Squidport.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Baseball Jasper

  • Adjust his Wig - 12h

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy

  • Teach Kung Fu Class - 8h

Sebastian Cobb

  • Teach Quantum Science 101 - 8h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Baseball Jasper

  • Get Changed - 60m


  • The Community Center was in the games files with images of it long before it's release at the end of May 2013. Since it was never stated to be premium in the games files until a few days before, it was likely to be one of the Level 30 or Level 31 main cash buildings.
  • Added with the Level 30 update, no one would have a single task here until the Tap Ball 2015 Event, over 2 years later.


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