Cogwheels (Cogwheels) were a limited time currency during the Christmas 2014 Event. They were used to buy upgrades at the Cannon Control Building for the Elf Cannon. They could be collected as random drops from Elves during Winter 2014 Part 2 of the Event once the player places the cannon control building, they could be won as the 5th days prize from the Daily Play Combo, or could be purchased in the store with Donuts.

Store[edit | edit source]

Image Name Cost
Cogwheels 1 Cogwheel Donuts2
Cogwheels10.png 10 Cogwheels Donuts20
Cogwheels50.png 50 Cogwheels Donuts100
Cogwheels100.png 100 Cogwheels Donuts200
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