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Clash of Clones
Clash of Clones

August 19, 2014 - October 7, 2014

The Clash of Clones Event was the tenth major event in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. This event was made available to players on August 19, 2014. The main quest for this event was Prince and the Premise.

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This update also brought new land to Springfield. 16 new plots of land were added to the bottom right of the player's Springfield (the land farthest from the mountains).

This event had two different types of currency; Elixir and Gold. Players could send Nerds to attack other Springfields. At the beginning the number of nerds was limited to 40 but this could go up by upgrading Castles. Elixir and Gold could also be earned by shielding your buildings or by rebuilding them when another player attacked (done by tapping/clicking, players did not need to repurchase buildings).

Once players collected 800 Gold they unlock the ability to buy cheaters. Cheaters allow you to wreck a building immediately (instead of sending nerds) or they will defend your buildings under attack.

The event preceded the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event, as only Major Event followed by another.


Prize Amount to Earn
Barbarian Homer
Homer Barbarian
Castle Recycle
Archer Lisa
Cheaters 20 Pack Gold800
Boxingham Palace
Goblin Bart
Wizard Marge Gold5000
Elixir Bundle Gold9500
Hot Air Balloon Gold15000
Castle Tower
Recycled Tower
Cardboard Tower
Catapult Gold30000
Barbarian Statue
Medieval Banner

New Content

Below is a list of all the new content included in the initial Clash of Clones 2014 Event on August 19, 2014. Please note that after the event, some or all of the items listed may no longer be available:


Name Cost Characters Unlocked
Barbarian Castle Cash1000 None
Boxingham Palace Gold1400 Goblin Bart
Castle Recycle Gold400 Archer Lisa


Name Cost/How to unlock Collection
Barbarian FREE Clash of Clones
Two-nicorn Donuts70 Exotic Animals and Pets


Name Cost
Barbarian Statue Gold38000
Barracks*** Donuts40
Blue Knight Nerd**** Donuts35
Blue Mage Nerd**** Cash35000
Blue Medieval Banner Donuts20
Blue Rogue Nerd**** Donuts40
Blue Warrior Nerd**** Donuts45
Blue & Green Medieval Banner Donuts15
Cardboard Gates* Donuts40
Cardboard Tower* Gold22000
Cardboard Wall* Donuts2
Castle Gates* Elixir1500
Castle Tower* Gold22000
Castle Wall* Elixir100
Catapult** Gold30000
Chicken Coop Donuts30
Elixir Mixer*** Donuts65
Flaming Torch Donuts10
Guillotine*** Elixir5000
Hay Cart Elixir200
Hot Air Balloon** Gold15000
Medieval Tent*** Elixir300
Recycled Gates* Donuts40
Recycled Tower* Gold22000
Recycled Wall* Donuts2
Red & Gold Medieval Banner Elixir950
Red Knight Nerd**** Donuts45
Red Mage Nerd**** Cash50000
Red Rogue Nerd**** Donuts35
Red Warrior Nerd**** Donuts40
Shadow Knight's Throne**** Donuts200
Stock Elixir475
Treasure Chest*** Donuts85
Two-Story Outhouse*** Elixir3000
Windmill*** Elixir2000

*The related Castle must be at level 10 or higher for these items to be available in the store.
**Available for purchase after unlocked in the prize track.
***Added on September 4th.
****Added on October 2nd.


Name Cost
Single Cheaters 20 Donuts9
Handful of 5 Cheaters 20s Donuts44
Bag of 20 Cheaters 20s Donuts155
Gang of 5 Nerds Donuts2
Mob of 10 Nerds Donuts3
Army of 20 Nerds Donuts4
200 Elixir* Donuts6
1000 Elixir* Donuts26
4000 Elixir* Donuts100

*Elixir could only be purchased on Wednesdays.

Returning content

Below is a list of content which was previously released, and re-released for this event. These items were added during an update on September 4th.


Name Original Event Current Cost
Fort Sensible Whacking Day Donuts65

Unreleased Content

The following characters can be found in the game files but have not been released for the event. These characters may be released later during the event.


Name Cost/How to unlock Collection
Amateur Mage
Brave Tin Knight
Rascal Rogue
Warrior of Muffintop


During this update, players can attack other towns to earn Elixir and Gold. This is done by sending Nerds to attack houses or castles.

Attacking a... Result Reward
Random Town
Castle Win Elixir140
Lose Elixir10
House Win Elixir70
Lose Elixir2
Friend's Town
Castle Win Elixir25
Lose Elixir10
House Win Elixir18
Lose Elixir5
Defending a... Result Reward
Castle/House Win Elixir20
Lose Elixir10


Costumes and Buildings could be upgraded during this event. Upgrades gave more benefits and unlocked new items. Elixir and Gold could be used for these upgrades. The Gold used was not lost, players just had to reach a certain amount for the upgrade. However the Elixir used was spent.

Upgrades to buildings increased nerd production, raised the amount of nerds a town could have, and increased the defense of a town. Increasing a defense bonus gave an extra hour of time to all attacks on that town, this gave players more time to notice attacks.

The following buildings/costumes could be upgraded:

Saturday Troop Replenishment

Every Saturday at 2:00 PM (EST) player's nerd counts would increase to the max amount. This happened every week during the event. Players who already had a max amount of nerds did not get more as nerds cannot be saved after the max limit is reached.


This poll ran during the event. Players were asked: What do you think of this event?

Best Event Ever 409 votes
I like it a lot 1151 votes
It's fine, I'm just happy to have something new 2103 votes
It could be better 554 votes
Worst Event Ever 336 votes
Total Votes 4553 votes



Clash of the Clones' Trailer


  • The first teaser of the update was released on August 18, 2014, when a picture of the Barbarian was released on Facebook, on same day, on EA's Instagram account, a picture of Bart and Lisa's costumes were released.
  • This was the first event to have the entire Simpson family on the splashscreen.
  • This update added Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian as language options.
  • On August 21st, 15 free donuts were given to players who had already installed the update.
  • Similar to the Stonecutters 2014 Event, the costumes from this event were also assigned a character collection.
  • Clash of Clones is a parody of Clash Of Clans.
  • Bender from Futurama makes a cameo in the main questline.


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