Clash of Clones is a questline featuring Barbarian Homer from the Clash of Clones 2014 Event.


Quest Requirements Time
Clash of Clones Pt. 1 Upgrade Barbarian Homer to Level 2 --
Clash of Clones Pt. 2 Make Barbarian Homer Go on an Elixir Bender 24h
Clash of Clones Pt. 3 Make Barbarian Homer Go on an Elixir Bender 24h
Clash of Clones Pt. 4 Make Barbarian Homer Confront Gold Farmers 16h


Clash of Clones Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "Hey new Homer, how do I look?"
Homer Barbarian Icon "Like level 1 loser."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Is level 1 the best level?"
Homer Barbarian Icon "Level 1 am worst level. Total noob level."
Barbarian Homer Icon "A noob! That’s the worst thing a person can be! I don’t wanna start at Level 1. I should start at level… a million billion."
Homer Barbarian Icon "It easy: get gold, go to castle, level up! Sometimes me level up in sleep."


Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "That is easy!"
Homer Barbarian Icon "Yes, leveling up am easy… at first!"
*evil laughter*
Barbarian Homer Icon "I don’t get your jokes."

Clash of Clones Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "Raiding rules! These dorks do all the getting killed, and I get all the gold."
Lenny Icon "What’s that purple stuff?"
Barbarian Homer Icon "It’s called like elixir or something. I get it from raiding. I don’t really know what it’s for."
Carl Icon "It looks like wine."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Wine comes in bottles and is drunk by fancy people. This is just… purple goo. It’s like all thick and nasty."
Lenny Icon "I dare you to drink it.
Barbarian Homer Icon "Yeah okay sure, why not?"
*glug* *glug* glug*
"That’s not wine… that’s much much better than wine! It makes wine taste like box wine!"
"I feel confident, talkative, funny, physically attractive and generous!"
Lenny Icon "Can I have a sip?"
Barbarian Homer Icon "Screw you! Go loot your own elixir! It’s bender time!"
Bender Icon "Did someone call me?"
Barbarian Homer Icon "No, the good kind of Bender."


"Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "That was amazing! I was blasted on elixir for 24 hours, and no hangover!"
"Finally, a booze that doesn't make you feel crappy afterwards, and isn't at all addictive."

Clash of Clones Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "Man, I love being part of a strategy-based raiding game. My old game sucked. SUPER SUCKED."
Barney Icon "Your castle’s looking pretty awesome there Homer."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Why does everyone keep calling me Homer? I’m clearly a barbarian."
Barney Icon "Sure you are."
Moe Icon "Sure you are."
Lenny Icon "Sure you are."
Carl Icon "Sure you are."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Sure I am."
"Anyway, I am jonesin’ for some of that elixir stuff. I just love how non-addictive it is."
"I can’t stop thinking about that non-addictive mystery liquid — it’s lack of addictiveness consumes my every waking thought."

Clash of Clones Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Barbarian Homer Icon "Wuzzuh… so not-addictive… Where am I?"
Cletus Icon "You at my gold farm."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Gold farm? I’m the only gold raider in this town. Me, Homer the Barbarian. I mean, just a nameless Barbarian."
Cletus Icon "No, I is gold farmer. I cheats the system to get gold for myself."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Well, I usually like cheating. But it sounds like you’re cheating me."
Cletus Icon "Tell you whut. You give me some that there that thur that purple moonshine and I’ll share my gold with you."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Share my elixir! Never! I can never let another person taste it’s non-addictive succulence."
Cletus Icon "Sounds like someone’s in denial."
Barbarian Homer Icon "Oh, fine."
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