City Stickler is a premium side questline released on May 03, 2016, for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires Luke Stetson.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
City Stickler Pt. 1 Make Luke Stetson Search for Hidden Gold With Lisa 8h Cash100
City Stickler Pt. 2 Make Luke Stetson Shop for Supplies 2h Cash100
City Stickler Pt. 3 Make Luke Stetson Search for Hidden Gold 8h Cash100
City Stickler Pt. 4 Make Luke Stetson Play a Trail Song 8h Cash100
City Stickler Pt. 5 Make Luke Stetson Play a Trail Song 8h Cash100

Dialogue Edit

City Stickler Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Dreamy Icon Luke Stetson? I haven't seen you since--
Luke Stetson Icon --since your family came to my dude ranch. Where you met me, a gentle, sensitive, animal-lover.
Luke Stetson Annoyed Icon This was just before you put my sister in mortal danger ‘cause you thought she was my girlfriend.
Lisa Embarrassed Icon I believe that's an accurate synopsis of the episode, yes.
Luke Stetson Sad Icon All I know about TV are Wikipedia plot synopses. I can't ever watch the episodes. A computer's too heavy for backcountry life.
Luke Stetson Icon We just print out all of Wikipedia, and lug it behind us on 10,000 mules.
Lisa Icon I'm surprised you're here to find the gold, too.
Luke Stetson Icon Well, I need the money to fund a wildlife refuge. “Gentle, caring animal-lover,” remember?
Lisa Dreamy Icon Do I ever...

City Stickler Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon So, Luke, tell me about this wildlife preserve you want to build.
Luke Stetson Icon Picture acres and acres of unspoiled wilderness, where deer, bear and all manner of insects can be humanely hunted.
Lisa Confused Icon I'm sorry... hunted?
Luke Stetson Icon Just for population control. If you have too many deer, they'll band together and invent firearms. Then it's so long, humanity.

City Stickler Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Confused Icon Luke, you, uh, said something about people hunting insects on your wildlife preserve?
Luke Stetson Icon Bow hunting, yes. Shooting an insect with a gun ain't sporting.
Lisa Confused Icon What kind of INSECTS do people hunt?
Luke Stetson Icon Oh, all kinds. Ants, weevils, butterflies...
Lisa Nagging Icon I guess you're living proof you can “love” animals and not really know much about them.
Luke Stetson Icon Heh heh. You sound just like an ant I know.

City Stickler Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Luke! Did you have any luck finding gold?
Luke Stetson Sad Icon Nope. Looks like I'll never open my wildlife preserve.
Luke Stetson Sad Icon I'm blue. I feel a song comin' on.
Luke Stetson Sad Icon A song about a boy who wanted to open a wildlife preserve, but couldn't find gold to pay for it.
Lisa Dreamy Icon You wrote a song about your pain?
Luke Stetson Icon No. There's only two kinds of cowboy songs: “boy-can't-find-gold-to-pay-for-refuge,” and “my-pickup-truck-just-left-me-for-another-man.”

City Stickler Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Dreamy Icon That was beautiful. Are you sure there's no chance for us, Luke?
Luke Stetson Icon I'm thirteen. You're eight. Wouldn't it be super creepy if I thought there WAS a chance for us?
Lisa Shocked Icon Wow. When you put it that way, I guess you're right. Ew.
Luke Stetson Icon It don't mean I can't call you a friend. In a “what's the harm in pretending I like hanging out with an 8-year-old” sorta way.
Lisa Annoyed Icon Eh, I think I'll pass. Bye.
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