The Christmas Market Bundle is a limited-time premium consumable that was released on December 5, 2018, as part of A Simpsons Christmas Special 2018 Event.

Once purchased, 41 Candy Cane Fencings, 10 Bistro Sets, 9 Festive Wreath Lamp Posts, 3 Festive Nutcrackers, 2 Holiday Trees, 1 Santa's Workshop, 1 Ferris Wheel, 1 Ice Skating Rink, 1 Kiosk, 1 Lemonade Stand, 1 Krustyland Popcorn Stand, 1 Krustyland Fried Dough Stand, 1 Krustyland Hotdog Stand, 1 Coffee Kart, 1 Giant Outdoor Fireplace, and 1 Lovely Flower Cart were immediately placed in the player's town.

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