Christmas Fun is a series of quests involving characters doing limited time Christmas Tasks


Quest Requirements Reward
Christmas Hours Make Apu Do a Kwik-E-Mart 168 Hour Shift Santa Coin Currency Icon10
Let's Skidoodle Make Ned Take the Boys Snowmobiling Santa Coin Currency Icon30
Skilightful! Make Homer Pretend to Ski
Make Lisa Pretend to Ski
Santa Coin Currency Icon30
Snow Fun Make Homer Make a Snowman
Make Lisa Make Snow Angels
Santa Coin Currency Icon10
Bart The Nutcracker Make Bart Be a Nutcracker Santa Coin Currency Icon10
Sugar Plum Cookie Make Marge Prepare Christmas Treats Santa Coin Currency Icon10
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Springtime Plant Corn. Actual Corn Santa Coin Currency Icon10


Christmas HoursEdit

Character Dialogue
Apu Icon "This is the LEAST wonderful time of year! Why must my store be so full of customers?!"

Let's SkidoodleEdit

Character Dialogue
Ned Icon "Hey there, neighborinos! There's no mobile like a Snowmobile! Want to go for a ride? It'll sleigh you!"
Homer Icon "Shut up, stupid jolly Flanders!"
Ned Icon "Okily-dokily. The offer's still there if you want to 23 Ski-doo!"


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Looks like the Flanders are having a lot of fun!"
Homer Icon "Are you crazy? Pretending to ski is way more fun."
Lisa Icon "Why don't we go skiing for real?"
Homer Icon "Pretend skis are cheaper."

Snow FunEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Check it out, Lisa! I'm going to make a snowman."
Lisa Icon "Well, I'm going to make a snow angel."
Homer Icon "Darn it! Why didn't I choose the one where you get to lie down?"

Bart The NutcrackerEdit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "So you want me to help? What can I do?"
Homer Icon "I don't know. Dress like a nutcracker and ballet around?"
Bart Icon "You're kidding, right? Lisa gets to ski and shop and make snow angels, and I have to do this?!"

Sugar Plum CookieEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey, honey, you know what would taste so good right now? More of those Christmas cookies that I just ate two dozen of."
Bart Icon "Also, hot chocolate."
Lisa Icon "Mulled cider for me!"
Marge Icon "Ah, Christmas! The one time of the year when I get to serve my family food... just like every other time of the year."
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