The Christmas Brown House is an item released in The Simpsons: Tapped Out for Christmas. It is part of the new Christmas update and is available to players as long as they’ve completed the required quests. This item is actually like a costume for your house and you may swap between this Christmas version or the regular version. During Christmas, this version will generate Santa Coins for your Tapped Out City. The Christmas Brown House will generate 5 Santa Coins every 24 hours during the Christmas update or when Santa coins are in use in your game. Please keep in mind that Santa Coins are not really cash in the game but made specifically for the Christmas season.

How to use - To use your Christmas House Costume, you will need to select your house and then it should open multiple windows where you can slide to the right or left. Select the costume you want to set it for the house. The costume will remain in the game even after the event has expired if you have already purchased it.

Outside the duration of the Christmas Event, the player can still add this façade to the building although no snow will appear on the roof.

During the Christmas 2014 Event, This façade was one of the prizes for completing one of Santa's Tasks.

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