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Christmas 2013

December 10, 2013 - January 14, 2014
The Christmas 2013 Event (or the Holidays 2013 Event) was the sixth major event to be released for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was the second Christmas themed event released for the game. The event was said by Electronic Arts to be the biggest update yet. It was available to all players on December 10, 2013, and ended on January 14, 2014 (originally supposed to end January 7, 2014). The new currency introduced in the event was Gift Cards, which could be obtained from the Present Depot or from having friends visit the player's Springfield and leaving Gift Bags. A new splashscreen and app icon were also released as it was a major event.

The prize system returned which was previously used in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event, including community prizes. Many of the Christmas jobs from the past Christmas event returned, this time with gift cards as the reward as opposed to Santa Coins. The Christmas 2013 Event brought a lot of content and new gameplay. More was released in this event than the previous Christmas event, but this could be due to a rise in the game's popularity and high demand for new content. For players who frequently visit other Springfields, the event bought useful shortcuts into the game. Most notably, the player could now travel forward and backwards through their friends list from their Springfield's, allowing neighbor visits to be much faster and easier. 

Another key feature was the character locate button, which when tapped, brings the player to a character who is currently not doing a job or needs to activate a quest. This was a much needed addition for those who have lots of characters and buildings in their Springfields, as characters can become hard to locate otherwise. 

Holiday 2013 Guide

The "Holidays 2013" Guide.

In addition to all the new content and the prize system, a new minigame, the Holiday Wheel, was introduced. This was a unique minigame and consisted of collecting Spin Tokens from the Egg Nog Bar. A token was received every 24 hours as income, and could be used for one play at spinning the wheel. There were 10 sections in the wheel and wherever the wheel stops determines which prize the player receives, the hardest prizes to claim being the Snow Monster and Claus Co.

Players could now place Gift Bags in their friends' Springfields too, and when opened will reward the player with Gift Cards and in rare cases, a Spin Token. A maximum of five gift bags can be placed in each neighbor's Springfield every day.

A number of quests were added, including the main quest chain, Too Much of a Good Thing, as well as a series of minor quests. Most of these minor quests were unlocked upon earning Personal, Community, or Holiday Wheel prizes.


In the event, the prize system returned from the two preceding events. The player must collect gift cards in order to win exclusive personal prizes. In this event, community prizes were seen again but were not earned by players collecting gift cards, like the personal prizes were. Instead, the community prizes were earned when certain numbers of Gift Bags had been left in friends' Springfield's.

Personal Prizes

Name Item's Actual Price
Egg Nog Bar Gift Card Currency Icon250
Holiday Tree Gift Card Currency Icon1500
Springfield Mall Gift Card Currency Icon3000
Elf Home Gift Card Currency Icon6000
Springfield Skating Rink Gift Card Currency Icon10000
Happy Little Elves Ride Gift Card Currency Icon14000
Christmas Raccoon Gift Card Currency Icon18000
Santa Flanders Gift Card Currency Icon22000
Plow King's Plow Gift Card Currency Icon26000
Costington's Gift Card Currency Icon30000
Spin Token Gift Card Currency Icon30000+

Community Prizes

Below is a table showing the number of Gift Bags which must be placed by all players of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The first prize required 450 million Gift Bags to be placed, and the highest prize required just over 1 billion. The final prize, The Candy Cooling Towers was obtained on January 3, 2014, eleven days prior to the end of the event. The community prizes originally had much larger targets, but they were lowered when accumulation of Gift Bags occurred much slower than anticipated.

Name Need to place Date achieved Original targets
"Christmas" Totem Gift450 million December 18, 2013 Same
Santa's Workshop Gift625 million December 22, 2013 Gift1 billion
Ebenezer Burns Gift800 million December 26, 2013 Gift1.5 billion
The Yes Guy Gift975 million December 29, 2013 Gift2 billion
Candy Cooling Towers Gift1.2 billion January 3, 2014 Gift2.4 billion, Gift1.1 billion

Holiday Wheel minigame

Main article: Holiday Wheel

The Holiday Wheel is a new unique minigame. For each spin of the wheel, the player must have a Spin Token. Spin Tokens are obtained once a day from Egg Nog Bar, by purchasing them with Donuts, or, once all the personal prizes are obtained, every 1000 gift cards will grant the player one token. The prizes include the holiday façades from the previous Christmas Event, Mr. Plow, Plow King, Claus Co and many more.

New content

Below is a list of all the new content included in the event. Note that some or all of the items listed below may not be available after the event.


Name Cost
Elf Home Donuts60
Claus Co Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Helter Shelter Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)


Name Cost
Candy Kevin Donuts40
The Grumple Donuts120 (available from December 24, 2013)
Snow Monster Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)


Name Cost
Plow King Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)


Name Cost Quest
Spin Token Donuts10 Dollars to Donuts
Spin Token Pack x3 Donuts25 Dollars to Donuts
Spin Token Pack x10 Donuts50 Dollars to Donuts
Gift Bag Pack x6 Donuts10 Do Unto Others
Gift Bag Pack x12 Donuts15 Do Unto Others

Returning content

See also: Christmas 2012 Event

Below is a list of content which was previously released with the 2012 Christmas Event, and re-released for this event.


Name Cost
Santa's Village Donuts200


Name Unlocked at
Santa Homer Santa's Village
Mr. Plow Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)


Name Cost
Reindeer Donuts20
Homer Snowman Donuts1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Marge Snowman Donuts1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Bart Snowman Donuts1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Lisa Snowman Donuts1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Maggie Snowman Donuts1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Holiday Tree Donuts75


Name Cost
Christmas Blue House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Brown House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Cletus Farm Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Flanders Home Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Frink's Lab Donuts10
Christmas Krabappel Apartment Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Muntz House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Orange House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Pink House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Purple House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Simpsons Home Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Skinner House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Van Houten House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas Volcano Lair Donuts10
Christmas Willie's Shack Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)
Christmas White House Ico mhud spintoken se1 (Holiday Wheel prize)

Christmas Bonus

Character Dialogue
In Game Message "Happy Holidays! The citizens of Springfield are celebrating and all this goodwill means presents and gift bags will award DOUBLE event currency!"
Homer Icon
In Game Message "Oh, to celebrate, a FREE reindeer has been put into your inventory."

Holiday Donut Sale

Holiday Donuts

Following The Great Donut Caper quest on December 24, Gil Gunderson appeared in Springfield to offer players a sale, giving up to a 30% bonus on donuts. This sale ended on December 31.

Name Bonus Total
Dozen Donuts Donuts1 Donuts13
Stack of 60 Donuts Donuts6 Donuts66
Tray of 132 Donuts Donuts18 Donuts150
Truckload of 300 Donuts Donuts45 Donuts345
Store Full of 900 Donuts Donuts200 Donuts1100
Boatload of 2400 Donuts Donuts720 Donuts3120


  • On the event splashscreen, you can see a building in the distance saying "cleaners". This might indicate that the Springfield cleaners will soon come to the game.
  • The event was originally suppose to end on January 7, but was extended an extra week to end on January 14.
  • Unlike the previous Christmas Event, the snow left at the end of this one.
  • The Holiday Wheel was seen as one of the most tedious and frustrating parts of the event, and this was reflected by the Valentine's Day 2014 Event's own wheel (poking fun at the Holiday Wheel) and a destroyed version of the same wheel in the Christmas 2014 Event.


The Simpsons Tapped Out - Holiday Update Trailer 2013-0

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Holiday Update Trailer 2013-0


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