Channel 6 is the studio that airs Channel 6 News hosted by Kent Brockman. The building is much like a high-level Cletus's Farm. Money is paid to broadcast a program, which when completed will reward the player with significantly more money than was originally paid. However, unlike Cletus Farm's crops, Channel 6's programs do not expire. However, four of Channel 6's programs require premium items or characters to unlock.


Channel 6 is Springfield's most popular television channel, and is located adjacent to Krustylu Studios. The channel presents numerous news and information programs, as well as the Krusty the Clown show.

Programs Edit

Below is a list of all the programs available to broadcast at Channel 6 and all the information about them. Please note that Channel Ocho and Broadcasting Arnie Pye require Bumblebee Man and Arnie Pye to be able to broadcast them, respectively. However, these characters are not used when the program is being broadcast, and do not have to be free from any jobs.

Image Broadcast name Cost Rewards Time Requires
Weather The Weather Report Cash180 Cash400
60m Weather Station
Live Live News Report Cash670 Cash1500
4h Channel 6 News Van
Cale Regular Programming Cash670 Cash1500
8h -
Worldwide Worldwide News Cash1600 Cash3500
12h Worldwide Broadcast Dish
Ch6 Channel 6 News Cash1200 Cash2750
16h -
Cho Channel Ocho Cash2200 Cash5000
24h Bumblebee Man
Arnie Pye Icon Broadcasting Arnie Pye Cash3400 Cash7500
2d Arnie Pye
Channel 6 Sports Week Icon Channel 6 Sports Week Cash9500 Cash19800
7d -

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Anger Watkins

  • "Apologize for Taking Things Too Far - 4h"

Arnie Pye

  • Take over as News Anchor - 4h


  • Host Children's Show - 4h

Boxing Drederick Tatum

  • Do an Infomercial - 12h


  • Check Wikipedia Page - 10m
  • Record Bite Back with Kent Brockman - 8h
  • Record Eye on Springfield - 12h

Bumblebee Man

  • Whoa es me! - 10m
  • Fill in as News Anchor - 8h
  • Acto en Show El Channel Ocho - 24h

Dr. Nick

  • Promote a Shoddy Product - 60m

Judge Snyder

  • Act in a Local Film - 8h
  • Try Out for a Role - 12h

Lucius Sweet

  • Give a Press Conference - 60m
  • Butcher a Thesaurus - 24h

Marvin Monroe

  • Give a TV Interview - 12h


  • Host Up Late With McBain - 4h

Number 66

  • Spread "Crackpot" Theories - 4h

Number 67

  • Redirect Traffic Flow - 4h

Paris Texan

  • Film Endorsement Commercial - 8h

Plow King

  • Record a Commercial - 8h

Rainier Wolfcastle

  • Appear on a Talkshow - 60m
  • Shoot Action Footage -12h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Broadcast Internet Gossip as News - 6h

Kamp Bart

  • Go To "Euro-Krustyland" - 12h


  • Go To "Euro-Krustyland" - 12h


  • Go To "Euro-Krustyland" - 12h


  • Go To "Euro-Krustyland" - 12h

Plow King

  • Record a Mr. Plow Attack Ad - 8h

Springfielders (with the exception of Civil Servants, Judge Snyder and Brockman)

  • Protest - 24h


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