The Simpsons: Tapped Out Wiki Article Quality Scale
C-Class B-Class Good Featured
C class B class Good article Goldstar

On the wiki, some articles will be marked as good articles if they meet wiki standards and present good work on the wiki. Good articles are often strong candidates for Featured Articles in the future. When a page is a good article, it will have a green "+" sticker (Good article) at the top right corner of the page above the infobox (providing it has one). No article may be a good article and featured, as featured articles are generally the best articles on the wiki, and therefore have to be good.

NOTE: Don't add the good article template to a page without a successful nomination.


Only administrators can mark an page as a good article, but registered users can nominate a page for being a good article by creating a subpage. For example, if a user wanted to make the article Moe's Tavern a good article, they would create a new page named Moe's Tavern/Good article nomination - doing this will automatically create a subpage and not create a new one. Once this is done, 24 hours must pass, and users may vote for or against the original nomination. If the nomination is successful, it will then become a good article and may be marked as one by any user.

Anyone adding the template for a good article onto a page without permission from an administrator or the article not having a successful nomination will be blocked, regardless of their user privileges.

For nominated articles, see Category:Good article nominations

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